How Hiring Remote Creative Teams Can Benefit Your Company Without Breaking the Bank

Working habits are increasingly shifting in line with the rapid development of technology. Freelance workers, remote workers or so-called “digital nomads” are increasing in number every year. 

With the benefits of flexible working from anywhere in the world appealing to 9 – 5 employees, remote workers are also offering an attractive solution to companies through improved productivity and reduced employee responsibility. 

42% of all self-employed workers are now freelancers or remote workers, with their contribution to the economy growing at over £10 billion per year. So why does it make increasing sense for your company to hire outside creative teams or workers? 

Technology Facilitates Seamless Communication 

As eluded to above, one the key drivers behind this shift in working habits is due to the increased use of technology. There is a plethora of apps that make partnering with outside creatives as easy as working with salaried staff. 

Slack and Trello are just two of a number of apps that help foster a fast-moving working environment without the need to hold face to face meetings, send emails or talk on the phone. 

Edits, feedback or suggestions can be given and received within seconds; maintaining a smooth creative process with your outside freelance design team. When you feel you do need to spend extended time together, you can still use video conferencing software such as Zoom or Skype for tasks such as brainstorming ideas. 

Increased Productivity

According to a recent report, a third of all UK business owners expect their workforce to work remotely by 2020. For many owners, the fear is that workers who are left to their own devices will be less productive, when in fact, the opposite is true. 

Remote workers are 16% more productive than their office-bound counterparts. 

This has been largely attributed to the way in which freelancers are compensated. Since they are paid after issuing an invoice, the faster they complete a project, the faster they get paid. 

However, hiring outside creative support for your business isn’t just more productive, it has a wider range of additional benefits. 

Advantages of Hiring Remote Workers 

Firstly, hiring outside freelance workers shifts the burden of employee tax and benefits from you, as the employer, to them, as the worker. There’s no need to increase payroll costs, give holiday pay, sick pay, or any other benefits. You just pay one flat fee for the services you require. 

What’s more you are likely to able to hire experts in a particular creative field, whilst paying a fraction of the cost of employing a member of staff with the same level of experience. 

For example, if you were looking for app development services in Luton, you would need to pay an employee in excess of £30,000 to attract a candidate with suitable experience. However, by hiring an expert outside app developer, you can halve those costs to around £15,000 a year, and that’s before getting into costly benefits such as holiday pay. 

Finally, hiring outside creative help for your company allows you to increase and reduce payments in line with your demands. You can even stop using them altogether for a few months whilst your business focus lies elsewhere. Rather than continue to pay an employee who has very little to do at certain times of the business cycle. 

Wrap Up

There are a multitude of benefits to hiring outside creative teams. Increased output, quicker turnaround times, and reduced employer responsibility are just a few of the key drivers behind this increasing trend.  

Here at Co-Lab we provide a wide range of creative services through our freelance network of experts. So if you need a remote creative team, why not get in touch to discuss your project needs? 

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