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As a financial institution, design is playing an increasingly significant role in your ability to attract new clients. But as masters of number-crunching, you already know that hiring a full-time designer doesn’t make commercial sense.

Here at CO-LAB, we provide an expert team that are ready to take care of your creative and design needs, eliminating the need to go through the hiring process.

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    With our team of incredibly talented individuals at your fingertips, we can handle your design needs in a mere matter of a few days. So why put up with a slower and costlier solution?


    Better yet, we have considerable experience in the finance industry. From credit unions to trading platforms, we have a deep understanding of what your clients are looking for when it comes to website design, printed marketing materials, functional applications, and more.

    For instance, for our credit union clients, we tweak our web design process to focus on security to give customers peace of mind. By contrast, for investment management platforms, we deliver engaging, responsive, and innovative design features for tracking the performance of investment portfolios.

    No matter your specific focus within the financial industry, we can provide what you’re looking for at a fraction of the cost and timescales of a traditional design agency or an employee.

    Providing real-time reports direct from Yahoo Finance? No problem. Building an interactive platform that facilities clients’ hands-on management of their finances? Yep, we’ve done that too.


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    What our clients say

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    Cut out intermediaries

    Why waste time hiring design agencies that end up turning projects over to freelancers like us? Cut out intermediaries and get much better value for your investment. From cutting-edge website design to financial prospectus brochures, our team of talented individuals can produce high-quality work without the inconvenience of charging two sets of profit margins.

    Build trust and credibility

    Great design builds trust. Since 75% of a website’s perceived credibility comes from design, you can’t afford to make any fatal mistakes. Since clients are trusting you to look after their money, you need to hire designers well-versed in delivering projects according to those enhanced security needs.

    Higher quality, at a faster pace

    By using CO-LAB, there’s no more chasing up orders, or being alarmed at the timescales for a simple design project. Upon the confirmation of the project, you’ll know precisely how many days it will take, with excess time capacity built-in to those deadlines to ensure we never miss them.

    An extension of your business

    CO-LAB provides a “talent on tap” solution for your financial institution. We have the capacity to ramp up output for busy periods without tying you into restrictive retainer contracts during quieter spells. We also invest considerable time into understanding you as a company, so our team spends more time producing results and less time asking questions.

    How we can help your business


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    Some of the brands & clients we’ve worked with

    Some of the brands & clients we’ve worked with

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