If you are a business and want to sell your products online, then you need an e-commerce website. If you are looking for an e-commerce developer we can help. You need an expert to handle your website development to help you build a positive brand image and establish a trusted online presence

We don’t just offer e-commerce development but also offer supporting services, including social media marketing, email marketing and much more.

How does an e-commerce website differ from a regular business website?

We offer top-notch e-commerce website development services in Luton. Our trained user interface designers and art workers have the skills you need to have an unrivalled design for your website. Hiring an expert for your website development will be clear once you learn that an e-commerce website differs greatly from a regular business website.

They require a different level of security as an e-commerce website not only records user data but also keeps their debit/credit card information, bank details, etc. They need high-end security while regular websites only exchange data and information and work quite well with a low-security level.

A regular business website has limited features, but an e-commerce website has lots of features including checkout, add to cart, page categories, multiple filter applications etc. This is why e-commerce websites need sometimes lengthy and extensive development.

A regular business website has limited features, but an e-commerce website has lots of features including checkout, add to cart, page categories, multiple filter applications etc. This is why e-commerce websites need sometimes lengthy and extensive development.

These are some major differences that every e-commerce developer knows. The key is to design a website after considering all essential aspects and creating something unique for your business. That’s what our team strives for; to offer you the most unique e-commerce website that keeps customers coming bac

Why do you need e-commerce website development?

If you are selling your products, e-commerce website development is not a luxury but a basic need. A dedicated e-commerce website lets you capture your customers’ attention and keep them engaged through attractive aesthetics and an easy checkout process. The multiple reasons why you need an e-commerce website development service in Luton.

You need to expand

Have you always want to sell locally or wish to scale your business to beyond a physical location? E-commerce website development is the way to do this. It allows customers to find your business from anywhere and buy their desired products.

It helps with SEO rankings

The speed of your website, user engagement, site URLs etc all contribute to improving your SEO rankings. If you wish to get into online selling you must understand basic terms like SEO and how an improved SEO strategy can help your business. An improved ranking means more site visitors, more sales, more brand promotion, and the development of brand awarenes.

It gives your business a distinct Identity

Your e-commerce website represents your shop, and you must give it the same attention as any other element of your business. The way your website is designed and the ease it offers to your customers gives your website a distinct identity and creates value for the business.

Gives you an edge over competitors

Modern businesses should not ignore the importance of an effective online presence. It allows you to reach distant customers and keeps you ahead of the competition. A modern, updated and focused e-commerce website can help you get an edge over your local and online competitors.

Improves customer loyalty

A well-designed e-commerce website allows your customers to shop without a hiccup. Though the first impression is not the last, it matters a lot when your customers have the choice to choose from thousands of online websites. A well-crafted e-commerce website allows the best customer experience, and they return to you. Data-driven customer focus and a seamless experience improve customer loyalty toward your brand.

These are the different ways in which e-commerce website development benefits your business. Our experts have that experience, and they understand your markets needs. This is what makes us the most reliable e-commerce website development service in Luton.

Why should you hire an expert E-commerce Developer?

Hiring an expert e-commerce developer has several benefits these are just a few.


They bring their experience to the table and know what a new business needs. Our experts have an attractive portfolio of past projects, this experience allows us to achieve your goals efficiently.

Saves you time

Many business owners make the mistake of going for open-source e-commerce web development platforms. But they are not entirely customisable, and if they are they require the investment of time. You need to focus on the day to day and leave this to us. We will save you time and money because ultimately you will need thee-commerce website development Luton services.

Improved SEO ranking

The work of an e-commerce development company is not only to design and build but also includes optimised SEO ranking. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to aid you in every way possible


This is the aim of hiring a professional is to get assured results. When you hire us this is what you get. We work on a plan and deliver this for our clients

Why do you need us?

Because we have what you need a creative and skilled group of people to do the job, affordability, and quality. At CO-LAB, we believe in standing out from the crowd, we have a team of the most creative people from across the globe known for our cutting-edge ideas and strategies to beat the market and establish your business as a well known brand. Our determination and dedication to offering the best services have established us as the best e-commerce website development company in Luton.

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